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Crack seal

Seals that repel water

Seal your asphalt cracks with hot rubber

Your asphalt parking lot or driveway will last longer and look better when you have Ace Seal Right apply hot rubber sealant to fill the cracks. The rubber prevents moisture from seeping in and making the cracks worse, so you get additional years of use from your asphalt surface.

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Your hot rubber crack seals are guaranteed for a full month. If our work fails, we'll return and fix it to your satisfaction. You can count on Ace Seal Right to stick around until the job is done.

After-hours work is available — your customers are never inconvenienced.

You get competitive rates for quality work



Your hot rubber crack repairs will be completed with the Traverse City area's only Crack Pro CP-125 melter/applicator. This amazing machine helps us get outstanding results that protect your asphalt from the wear and tear of Michigan's weather. Your driveways and parking lots are repaired with rubber forced deep into the cracks. You won't see the peeling that comes with off-the-shelf DIY quick fixes.

The best seals in the area

Hot rubber crack seals are an important step in maintaining your asphalt, and are also necessary if you want us to lay down asphalt seal coating.