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If you want it done right, hire me for quality work. Call Ace Seal right - quality material!

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Office park

Neatly trimmed edges

Specialized edging completes your parking lot

When you have us perform your asphalt repairs, seal coating, striping, and sweeping, you can also have us carefully edge your roads, parking areas, and driveways. Edging removes the grass that's creeping into your paved areas, and creates a sharply defined line that neatly trims your asphalt.

Call today for crisp, clean parking lot lines!


Your specialized edging will look great. We stand behind our work, and if you think we've missed a spot, we'll work on it until we reach the high standards that you and your customers deserve.

Our 24-hour schedule never inconveniences your customers.

You get competitive rates for all of our services



A neatly edged parking area lets your customers and guests know that you are attentive to detail, and that you care

about the look of your commercial or residential spaces.

• Office parks

• Apartments complexes

• Shopping malls

They'll see your campus and understand that you're the sort of establishment they'd want to do business with.

First impressions matter

Continue making a positive first impression with new, straight, and bright parking lot lines, road striping, and well as regular lot sweeping.